Integrated Marine Services, Inc. (IMS) is recognized as one of the premier full service ship repair businesses in California.

Headquartered in Chula Vista, California, the company has been in business since 2003 and has shown growth every year since inception. Government contracting officials praise the company for its exceptional service, superb safety record and for the great value it brings customers, including the US Coast Guard, Navy and Military Sealift Command. IMS is a preferred government Prime Contractor because it has the skilled craftsmen, managers, and qualifications to perform even the most complex ship repairs.  Services include:

  • Dry docking services, to include hull repairs and the provision of all temporary services.
  • The most highly qualified and expert shipboard hydraulic systems repairs.
  • General machinery repairs and overhauls.
  • Boat davit, capstan, cargo elevator and crane overhauls and repairs.

“If the customer wants to maximize the value received for its expenditures, then we are the contractor of choice,” said Larry Samano, IMS President.  “Our size and commitment to the customer allow us to provide a service no other Shipyard can provide. We are able to provide quick customer satisfaction, high quality craftsmanship, and the personal attention to the details on every job. Our customers have my attention and the attention of my professional staff to ensure you they know they are working with a state of the art Ship Repair Company”.

Since its founding, the company’s philosophy is to hire the best people possible and, wherever feasible, to hire veterans first.  Unlike many other ship repair companies in the region, our commitment to hire veterans stems from our understanding of the value former service members bring to the company– Loyalty, respect for the property of others, discipline and skills simply not available in all areas of the labor market. This strategy pays off by because we workers can be taught more advanced craftsmen skills. Generally, the workers come to IMS with the basic competencies, needing only refresher, in-house training. With skilled tradesmen in virtually every required skill, IMS performs work throughout the West Coast, including San Francisco/Oakland, Oregon, Washington State, and Hawaii.

  • It has state of the art equipment in its principal facility in Chula Vista.
  • IMS also owns fully self-contained mobile machine shops that can allow it to travel to distant locations, giving it virtually the same capabilities residing in Chula Vista. 
  • It invests heavily in equipment tailored to meet the needs of its government customers. Larry Samano invites government customers in the Navy, Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, and shipyards to let him provide competitive quotations for all of their work. 

The company is a GSA Contract Holder (GS21F0158X), which makes it easy for ship engineers, port engineers and contracting officers to order services from a company already vetted and approved by the General Services Administration.  He also encourages direct, personal contact with his senior staff: Mr. Karl R. Olsen, General Manager:, (619)429-0300.

The IMS staff also invites customers to visit our website at to obtain other information on how this company can bring great value to all customers.