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3.17 Supply & Provisioning

Key Person: Karl Olsen, General Manager, Office: (619) 429-0300

Experience and Expertise:

Mr. Olsen has wide ranging experience in the ship repair industry.  A retired Navy officer, he has worked in and around the waterfront for over 30 years.  Along the way, he has worked for large Major Ship Repair Companies (MSRs) in San Diego, where he has held positions as Director of Programs and Operations, Sr. Project Manager, Operations Manager, among others.  His level of technical expertise encompasses all aspects of the ship repair effort, from planning and estimating to delivery of the final product, through seamless, effective, management of IMS’s skilled tradesmen and headquarters staff.

Karl Olsen gives IMS the capability to work on all classes of ships and in all machinery, hydraulic, propulsion and auxiliary systems.  His principal focus always has been on delivering to our customers quality work, fully compliant with contract and warfighter expectations.  He is particularly adept at, and takes great pride in, personally monitoring every job, by doing frequent job site/vessel walk-throughs, to ensure compliance with schedule progress and quality/safety matters.  He is the company’s principal point of contact for progress meetings with contracting and customer staffs.