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Quality Assurance Program

IMS was approved and certified by NAVSEA/SWRMC to operate under an Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR) on September 18, 2008.  Designation of ABR ensures any and all potential customers of our commitment to quality written to the standards of ANSI/ASQC 9000 & ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and IAW NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04. Additional QA Procedures/SOPs are as follows:

 QMS SOP 7.4.2, Verification of Purchased Product, Rev 4.pdf

QMS SOP 7.4.3, Inspection and Testing, Rev 4.pdf

QMS SOP 7.5.1, Process Control, Rev 3.pdf

QMS SOP, Work Procedures, Rev 2.pdf

QMS SOP 7.5.4, Customer Supplied Product, Rev 3.pdf

QMS SOP 7.5.5, Handling and Preservation, Rev 4.pdf

QMS SOP 7.6.1, Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices, Rev 3.pdf

QMS WI-02, Inspections, Tests, and Customer Notifications, Rev -.pdf

QMS-011, Product Realization, Rev -.pdf

QMS-015, Receiving Inspection, Rev -.pdf

Quality Management System (QMS) Manual, Rev 2.pdf

POC:  Larry Samano, President/CEO,, (619) 429-0300