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About Us

Integrated Marine Services, Inc. is recipient of the following government contracts: IDIQ- MSC, San Diego General Ship Repair, IDIQ -NAVSUP Sheet Metal Contract (Habitability), IDIQ -Dockside Repair Services NOAA West Coast Ships, IDIQ- Marine Boat Lot I and Lot II, IDIQ -CIS Sheet-metal and Seaport–E.

Current Certifications and Registrations: ABR# N00024-08-H-8778, SAM Registered.

We mitigate risk for our customers by providing them with proven experience, quality craftsmanship, and leadership. Our presence in southern California and our ability to be flexible and respond to our customer requirements makes IMS a proven performer who will deliver quality work on time or ahead of schedule. Specifically, we offer:

¨      #1: We possess an Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR) certification from the Naval Sea Systems Command, have a fully satisfactory evaluation for our Quality Control program, and provide sub-contractor services to major shipyards.

¨      #2:  IMS has worked successfully on various classes of ships. Our range of services has included:  dry docking vessels, evaporator overhauls, propulsion systems testing, inspection and repairs to include main engine lift and alignment as well as hydraulic steering piping repairs, major structural repairs to include deck and hull plating, foundations, weldments, etc., using HY-100 steel, stainless, aluminum and copper nickel weld processes, major piping repairs and installations to include CUNI, stainless and steel piping systems, ventilation system overhauls and ducting manufacture and cleaning, switchboard repairs, extensive crew habitability and officer stateroom alterations/repairs, all tank cleaning services and repairs, to include tank level indicators, fuel oil and sea water valve overhauls, among others.  This experience mitigates risk.

¨      #3: Our expertise and past performance show our ability to select only the best, most qualified subcontractors to assist us in those areas of performance that are beyond our immediate capabilities.   We take particular care in our planning to ensure that those items that can be done concurrently are scheduled accordingly, resulting in savings both in terms of time to complete the contract and in value for resources committed to the effort.

¨      #4:  Dedicated senior management personnel and trades resources have the experience required to perform to your standards.  We keep you informed of progress on work, resolve conflicts quickly and value our reputation for quality work and the value we bring to your projects.  Our highly skilled production managers and shipboard supervisors understand thoroughly the importance of planning and time-phased scheduling that will result in completion of our work on schedule or ahead of schedule and on budget.