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3.5 System Des Doc/Tech Data

Key Person: Karl Olsen, General Manager, Office: (619) 429-0300

Experience and Expertise:

Mr. Karl Olsen joined Integrated Marine Services, INC (IMS) in 2017.  He serves as the company’s General Manger, with responsibility for all aspects of the management and leadership of a growing ship repair business, with highly specialized departments dedicated to the performance of complex ship repairs for ships of the Navy, Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.  Mr. Olsen has worked in the ship repair industry for over 20 years in various management capacities.  He is well known and respected in the ship repair industry.

Karl brings experience and expertise in shipboard propulsion and auxiliary systems, gained because of his career in the United States Navy.  He began his naval career as an enlisted engineer, having graduated from the Navy’s nuclear power propulsion school.  He quickly rose through the ranks, attained commissioning as an officer and served in the Surface Warfare Specialty.  He qualified and served as a shipboard engineer officer, responsible for propulsion, electrical, auxiliary and other systems on various classes of ships.  All of the skills that he gained while in naval service translated to highly useful professional skills in the ship repair business.

Mr. Olsen has worked in major naval shipyards in the United States.  He has served as Hull Manager for the newly constructed ships of the Littoral Combat variant (LCS) as well as ships of the Guided Missile Destroyer class.  He has superb experience and expertise in working with U.S. Navy Planning Yards, has been involved in complex, long-range repair planning with Navy Program Sponsors, and has hands on expertise at the deck plate level.  He manages waterfront contractor and subcontractor work for our company and is inclusive in all of his dealings with both contractors and customers.  Mr. Olsen is highly respected in the industry because of his superb experience and knowledge of even the most complex ship repairs.

Karl earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and a Masters Degree in Manpower, Personnel and Training Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California.